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Exceptional Representation

David is committed to providing honest, effective, and high quality legal representation to his clients. Legal matters can cause a great deal of stress, and David understands the anxiety that can be associated with looming legal issues and receiving bills for legal services.  David takes this into account, along with each client's goals, financial situation, and the likely outcome under the law, and does his best to work on a contingency fee (when applicable) or a fixed/capped fee basis when possible. He only bills by the hour when it is most practicable.

David previously worked for and defended insurance companies, and he will be your advocate for a favorable settlement or verdict in court. He understands the impact an automobile crash or other accident can have on you and your family, and will work with you to get you what you deserve. David sets out to create long-term relationships with each client, and he understands that if you are satisfied with his services you will be back to see him if future legal matters should arise.

The Law Office of David L. Schwartz is committed to helping families, which come in many different forms, and individuals achieve their short and long term goals. David is familiar with many of the challenges facing the LGBT community, and he is an advocate for advancing rights of LGBT individuals and couples.

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